Dr. James B. Kracht

Dr. Jim Kracht joined the College of Education and Human Development as an assistant professor of curriculum and instruction and social studies education in 1974.  Since then, he has served in many leadership roles including executive associate dean for academic affairs and the Marilyn Kent Byrne Chair for Student Success. Along with helping establish the Byrne Center for Student Success, Dr. Kracht supported development of several new degree programs in CEHD.

“I think education of children, young people and young adults is the most important thing we do.  Frankly, we need to turn a lot more attention and give a lot more support to it.  I know there are many competing interests, but our future depends on providing future generations the best education possible.”

The Dr. James B. Kracht Award recognizes a graduating senior who embodies the Aggie Core Values of Leadership, Selfless Service, and Excellence. The recipient should be active in department, college, and/or university students groups, holding meaningful leadership roles in those entities. In addition to these activities, the recipient might demonstrate leadership, service, and excellence through engagement in the community, excellence in the classroom, and by giving of her or his time and energy to promote the betterment of others.