Brown-Rudder Outstanding Student Award | myCEHD

The Brown Foundation-Earl Rudder Memorial Outstanding Student Award was established in 1970 as the highest honor bestowed upon a graduating senior at Texas A&M University. No more than two Brown-Rudder awardees are selected at Texas A&M each year. The award is presented at the LAUNCH recognition ceremony and announced at the commencement exercise(s) of the honorees college at Texas A&M each May.

The award honors the outstanding senior student who exemplifies the leadership, patriotism, fortitude, courage, humility, love of Texas A&M University, and willingness to uphold the principles for which Texas A&M stands as vividly exemplified by James Earl Rudder during his lifetime. Gen. Earl Rudder, a World War II hero, served as president of Texas A&M from 1959 until his death in 1970.


  • Have displayed to a high degree those admirable personal traits that characterized the late President Earl Rudder.
  • ​Rank academically in the upper quarter of his/her class at the end of his/her undergraduate curriculum.
  • Have completed not less than one-half of his/her degree requirements while enrolled at Texas A&M University.
  • Be occupying or have held positions of leadership in one or more major student organizations (i.e. Student Government, Memorial Student Center, Corps of Cadets, Residence Hall Association, Off-Campus Aggies, Department of Multicultural Services, etc.) and/or in state or nationally recognized student organizations, or social, church, and/or other similar organizations.
  • Be a candidate for a baccalaureate degree at the end of the spring semester or during the preceding 12-month period in which the award is presented.
  • Have an exemplary conduct record while enrolled in the university.
  • Have displayed a great love for his/her university and demonstrated his/her willingness to uphold the principles for which it stands.