Purchase Requests + Reimbursements

Making a Purchase

To make a purchase, submit a purchase request to your supervisor for approval.  After getting the approval give the purchase request to your business office. The business office staff will facilitate the purchase.

After you have purchased your item or service, please provide the receipt of purchase to your business office and immediately return the card.

Do not save card information if purchasing online.

Purchase requests that are equal to or greater than $9,999.99 may require processing through the Department of Procurement Services.


All reimbursements are processed with an approved purchase request and the original receipt(s). The college/department cannot reimburse individuals on tax spent on items.

It is in your best interest to avoid purchasing items without using a college or department payment card.

Jill Hobbs
Assistant Dean for Finance
803D Harrington

Denise Garcia
Business Coordinator III
803B-1 Harrington

Priscilla Rios
Business Coordinator III
803B-2 Harrington

TLAC Purchasing

Purchase Requests

This Purchase Request can be used for the following:
  • Purchase/Payment by the Business Office
  • Request to check out the Department Payment Card
  • Request Reimbursements

Credit Card Requisition

Fill out the credit card requisition form before making any department-related purchases.

Please remember to include an itemized receipt when returning the card. No tax is allowed on the receipt. If tax is included, you are responsible for getting a new receipt.

Travel expenses/alcohol purchases are not allowed on this card.