CEHD Interfolio Faculty 180 (F-180) Resources

This page provides access points and support resources for those using or who have access to the TAMU- College of Education & Human Development Interfolio Faculty-180 (F-180) module.
Be sure to use the SSO option to sign into TAMU Interfolio. For step by step instruction on logging-in, see trainings below.

Need Help Now?

  • For College help: Contact your department F-180 trainer/department administrator
  • For Corporate help: Interfolio corporate office has a phone helpline support for faculty M-F/ 8-5: Call 877-997-8807

CEHD training resources

College & Department Training sessions

  • TAMU – DOF Dean/Dept Head Training (14 Oct 2020)
  • CEHD – College Level Trainers- Training (19 Nov 2020 @ 10am)
  • CEHD – Optional- Department Level Trainers- Training (date/time to be set by depts)
  • CEHD – Department Level Faculty – Training (date/time to be set by depts)

F-180 College Support Videos

The following YouTube videos cover a range of topics for using F-180. These support videos were created by the College of Education & Human Development – Texas A&M University.

Texas A&M University — Dean of Faculties (DOF) Zoom Trainings

These trainings are targeted toward first-time users with no experience in F-180

Online resources from Interfolio corporate office