Hiring Processes


  1. First, create a position description and post the job. To do so you will need to have access to TAMUJobs as a supervisor/manager. Contact your departmental administrative office or Jeanette Phillips to gain access.
  2. Second, have the position put on hold. You will also need to gather a group of qualified individuals to serve on a hiring committee. Each member of the committee will review applicants based on your requirements. The committee will then select the top applicants to interview.
  3. Check the desired candidates references and complete the process with an offer letter.
  4. Finally, contact your departmental administrative office to update the status of the position.


Faculty hiring is a coordinated effort between the department and Dean’s office staff. Contact the Assistant to the Department Head for specific guidelines within your department.


Faculty-equivalent positions need a Research Personnel Action (RPA) Form with one of these titles:

  • Assistant Research Scientist
  • Associate Research Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate

Post non-faculty equivalent positions as a Notice of Vacancy (NOV) with Human Resources.

After receiving a hiring certificate, fill out the Research Personnel Action (RPA) Form. Include a Resume/CV with the form.