Supervisor Resources


Supervisor Training

Supervisors must complete the following training as required by the school:

  • New Hire Process
  • Promotions/Reclassification
  • Evaluations
  • Compensation Options
  • Generic New Supervisor

Training Materials

Employee Training Customization

  • Supervisors may need extra courses for their employees through TrainTraq. Contact your department’s Business Office or Jill Hobbs in the Dean’s Office.
  • Customized courses for workgroups or an organization’s staff are available.

Staff Evaluations

Staff evaluations cover work done from April 1 – March 31 of each year. Evaluations are conducted starting in March.

Evaluation Process

  1. Each staff member selects 8-10 people that they have worked with over the year to act as stakeholders.
  2. The stakeholders will complete an evaluation. Evaluations include 3-6 questions on interaction and quality of work. Supervisors need to approve questions before the evaluation process.
  3. Staff members must complete a Self-Evaluation. They will comment on their own progress, work productivity, etc.
  4. Supervisors review the Stakeholder Evaluations, Employee’s Self-Evaluation, and conduct their own Supervisor Evaluation.
  5. Finally, supervisors will meet with their employees to review all evaluations and provide feedback.