SEHD Global Education Office

Global Education and Faculty-Led Programs

The SEHD Global Education Office is enthusiastic about supporting student international experiences and the faculty who lead these opportunities. Any faculty members who intend to propose a trip are encouraged to browse the Global Education Faculty Handbook and to email us at

As part of our efforts to facilitate more global education opportunities, the SEHD Global Education Office has chosen to collaborate with the University-wide office, Education Abroad. Faculty should submit the required paperwork to our office by the deadlines listed below.

Field Trips Deadlines:

      1. Dec 1, 2023 will be the deadline for Fall/Summer 2024 field trips
2. Sept 1, 2023 will be the deadline for Spring/Winter 2024 field trips

Faculty-Led Deadlines:

      1. Oct. 1, 2023 is the deadline of application for Fall 2024 Faculty-Led Trips Trips
      2. Feb. 1, 2023 is the deadline for applications for Spring/Winter 2024 Faculty-Led Trips
      3. May. 1, 2023 is the deadline for applications for Summer 2024 Faculty-Led Trips

Requirements for Faculty-Led Programs

  • More than 50% of course content is taught while abroad
  • All trip must have at least 2 faculty leaders
    1. Trips with >30 students must have 3 faculty leaders
  • Trip must have at least 10 students
    1. Graduate student-only courses need at least 8 students
  • Each participating student must submit a reflection paper about the trip
    1. See attached Student Reflection Guidelines

If you have interest in cultivating a semester-long or year-long abroad experience, please contact us.

Student Billing

In the past, faculty were required to provide certain student information (name, UIN, major, etc) to facilitate student billing. Now that SEHD has partnered with Education Abroad, this is no longer required. Education Abroad will create a student application portal for all approved faculty-led programs, which will collect all necessary student information. Education Abroad will also handle all student billing issues.

If faculty are approached by students asking questions regarding student billing, they may contact their Education Abroad liaison or direct the student to contact Education Abroad themselves. If faculty are approached by students concerned about financial support options for the program, they can direct students to contact us.

Withdrawal Policy

Please refer to the withdrawal policy for cancelation dates and more information.


SEHD Global Education Office