Post-Award Services

What We Offer

  • Ensure account set-up and plan expenditures.
  • Process financial transactions
  • Provide the financial report of expenditures.
  • Monitor account activities.
  • Act as a liaison for account management.
  • Ensure compliance in sponsored project policies.


CERD Post-Award & SRS Contacts

Clayton Holle

Clayton Holle

Business Administrator

Special Projects | Centers | 845-8734 | EDCT 441

Tracy LaTourette

Tracy LaTourette

Business Coordinator II

EPSY | KNSM | TLAC | 437 EDCT | 845-2413

Modesta Molina

Modesta Molina

Business Coordinator II

CRDLLA | EAHR | KNSM | 845-4790 |EDCT 438

Katia Hill

Katia Hill

Business Coordinator I

CTRAL | HLKN | TLAC | 458-6241 | EDCT 438

Please email for:

  • Personal reimbursements
  • Order requests
  • Invoices for vendors
  • Credit card receipts
  • Independent contractor invoices/certification
  • Contracts to be reviewed (as part of a grant project)
  • Travel reimbursements

Please email for payroll actions:

  • Faculty Effort Worksheet
  • Graduate Assistant Research (GARs)
    • Student name
    • Masters or PhD
    • Pay Rate ($/month or $/hour)
    • Account Number(s) for payroll
    • % effort on each account
    • Appointment Term (Fall only; Fall/Spring; or Fall/Spring/Summer)
    • Tuition Amount
    • Account Number(s) for tuition
  • Research Staff
    • Name
    • Title
    • Salary or Pay Rate ($/month or $/hour)
    • Account Number(s)
    • % effort on each account
    • Appointment terms
  • Faculty
    • Name
    • Title
    • Salary (total $/month)
    • Account Number(s)
    • % effort on each account
    • If buyout is being requested (semester and # of courses)
    • Indicate if this request is for Fall or Fall + Spring


Post-Award Process

The Research and Development Post-Award Office is responsible for helping principal investigators and research personnel with the efficient and effective fiscal management of external grants and contracts once awarded.

Tasks performed by the  R&D Post-Award Offices:

  • Interim funding and account setup
  • Hiring of research personnel including staff, GARs, and student workers
  • PI grant research effort
  • Payroll actions for research personnel
  • GAR tuition payments
  • Research travel
  • Research stipend payments
  • Independent contractor payments
  • Supply and equipment orders
  • Expenditure reports
  • Research account reconciliation and monitoring

The R&D Post-Award Office does not provide the above services for internal awards, faculty IDC accounts, or salary saving accounts.  Please contact department personnel for balances and processing of expenditures on these accounts.

Funding approval may take several months. Contact TAMU Sponsored Research Services (SRS) for approval status. SRS will negotiate the funding and set up an account for your research.

Your departmental financial staff will help you access funds. Notify Clayton Holle of funding approval or if you would like to meet to discuss your project.

Pro-Active Interim Funding

Easy steps to activate this new service:
1.  Forward to Clayton Holle at your notice of award, with “interim funding set-up request” somewhere in the subject line or text.
2.  We will contact you within one business day to discuss your particular needs.
3.  For federal/state-funded awards:  we will promptly submit required interim funding budget forms to SRS for its approval, and will follow up frequently until SRS interim budget is activated.   For private/commercial awards:  we will promptly create a CERD interim funding account.