The SAC Staff Awards are to recognize and reward staff in the School of Education & Human Development. These annual awards provide special recognition to four (4) individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the School of Education & Human Development through their dedication, initiative, achievements, enthusiasm and attitude in their work and include cash gifts and other recognition.


  • Nominations for Staff Awards may be made by staff and/or faculty currently employed full time within the School of Education & Human Development.
  • Staff must be employed with SEHD at least two years, with the exception of the New Staff Award.
  • Staff may be nominated for more than one category in the same year, and may only win in one category.
  • After winning an award in one category, the staff member is ineligible for nomination in the same category for 5 years. However, they may be nominated for different category on the following year.
  • Personnel with job designations of director or its variants (assistant director, associate director, etc.) and below are eligible to be nominated for an award.
  • Personnel holding faculty designation or with the title of dean or its variants (executive associate dean, associate dean, assistant dean, etc.) are not eligible for nomination.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Awards and Recognition:

  • The SAC Staff Awards will be presented at the annual SAC Conference.
  • Recipients will each be awarded $1,000.00 and receive a recognition award to commemorate the occasion.


The selection committee will focus on the following evaluation attributes for each award category:

Outstanding Staff Supervisor – This award recognizes a staff member who best exemplifies outstanding leadership in the pursuit of performance excellence and who has done the most to further the performance of their staff in the College of Education & Human Development. The recipient of this award should exhibit innovative and motivational leadership impacting their work environment.

  • Provides an environment in which staff are valued and given the opportunity to excel
  • Effectively makes decisions while encouraging staff to contribute to discussions that positively impact the quality of their work and environment
  • Encourages new ideas and creativity while exhibiting leadership qualities that are consistently outstanding and outside the normal scope of his/her duties

Student Relationships – This award recognizes a staff member who has provided outstanding service to individual students or student groups on a consistent basis, whether through personal advising, program development or improvements to the College of Education & Human Development systems and policies affecting students. The recipient of this award should exhibit concern for the welfare and development of students and demonstrate a willingness to meet the special needs of students.

  • Treats students with courtesy and respect while exceeding their expectations
  • Exhibits independent actions and resourcefulness when assisting students
  • Gives selflessly of their time, knowledge and energy to guide and support students

Outstanding Staff Support – This award recognizes a staff member who has contributed to the excellence of the College of Education & Human Development through outstanding staff support beyond the expectations of their position. The recipient of this award has worked to improve his/her department and has consistently done so with a positive and forward-thinking attitude. The recipient also exhibits an extraordinary impact in the College of Education & Human Development through outstanding competence, conscientious performance and dedication to the College.

  • Is instrumental in thinking of innovative and efficient ways to do his/her job
  • Takes ownership and responsibility for decisions and actions
  • Demonstrates performance that is consistently outstanding and frequently outside the normal scope of his/her duties

New Staff – This award recognizes a staff member who has been with the College of Education & Human Development between 6 months to 2 years. The recipient of this award is someone who instills a sense of respect and dedication to the college while continually contributing to a collaborative work environment.

  • Shows a willingness to assist other staff
  • Treats fellow staff with courtesy and appreciation
  • Commitment to working collaboratively and respectfully with fellow staff members


  • Review and selection of 2023 awardees will be made by a panel comprised of the 2022 college award recipients.

Nomination Materials:

  • 1 Letter of Nomination – describe why the nominee should be considered for an award 
  • 3 Statements of Endorsement – no more than 3 sentences each

Submission and Notification:

  • A complete online nomination packet will include the letter of nomination and 3 statements of endorsement.
  • DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION:  Friday, May 26, 2023.
  • Materials must be complete to receive consideration.
  • Questions prior to the deadline may be directed to
  • Award winners and nominators will be notified at least one week prior to the Staff Development Conference.