TLAC University Supervisor Training

We are glad to have you on board as an Aggie University Supervisor for the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture at Texas A&M University!

The material provided below is shared by Mrs. Sandy Johnson, TLAC University Supervisor. When creating documents to share with your clinical teachers and cooperating teachers, be sure to include your name and contact information. 

During the audio sessions below, references will be made to pages from the TLAC Clinical Teaching Handbook as well as additional handouts.  It would be advisable to print a copy of all the handouts below in order to follow along more efficiently with the presentations for each session.

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 audio presentations and revised handouts:

Session 1 – Overview :  S1-Presentation / S1-Handouts

Session 2 – Schedules : S2-Presentation / S2-Handouts

Session 3 – Lesson Planning : S3-Presentation / S3-Handouts

Session 4 – Student Assignments, Observations and Conferences, and Supervisor Plan of Action : S4-Presentation / S4-Handouts

Session 5 – Cooperating Teacher Information : S5-Presentation / S5-Handouts

Educators’ Code of Ethics

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