Mentor teacher training


SEHD Training Acknowledgement Form

SEHD Training Acknowledgement Form

  • I have reviewed the Mentor Teacher Training information provided by the College of Education and the Office of Field Placements.
  • I have read the Texas Administrative Code 247 Code of Ethics and agree to comply by such.
  • I meet all of the state mentoring requirements listed below:
    • I have at least three years of teaching experience;
    • I am an accomplished educator as shown by student learning;
    • I am currently certified in the certification category for which the clinical teacher candidate is seeking certification;
    • I will guides, assists, and supports the candidate during the candidate's clinical teaching in areas such as planning, classroom management, instruction, assessment, working with parents, obtaining materials, district policies;
    • I will report the candidate's progress to that candidate's field supervisor.

I understand that my electronic signature represents my affirmation that I meet the above stated requirements.


For questions about the SEHD Mentor Teacher Training, please contact Suzanne Bettencourt.