Staff Advisory Council


About the SAC

The SAC serves as an advisory body to the dean on matters of interest and importance to the staff of the school and encourages the input of staff on developing ideas for improvement. Information is channeled to the dean from the SAC for review and approval.

The SAC meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM. Meetings are open to SEHD staff.

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Staff Award Nomination



Updates SAC website, Facebook, calendar and sends monthly minutes to SEHD staff. Plan service projects for staff to volunteer in helping the school, university and local community.


Jacqueline Turner

Social Networking

Coordinates activities for staff to network and meet representatives.


Jenny Folsom

Professional Development

Organize professional training and brown-bag luncheons.


Michelle Bunch


Staff Conference

Plan and execute annual SEHD staff development conference.


Emilio Alvarado


SAC Meeting Minutes

Minutes Archive

Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay


To outline school policy as it relates to rewarding staff who take initiative to increase their skill level through a prescribed course of study as it relates to their job.


  1. The employee provides a transcribable degree, certificate, license or other evidence of mastering a body of knowledge obtained through a prescribed program of study that is directly related to the position held;
  2. The employee has an overall performance evaluation of “Meets Expectations” or higher;
  3. The employee has not received a Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay Increase in the last 12 months;
  4. The request must be made within 3 months of obtaining the certification;
  5. The dean must approve all requests.


Once approved, the base pay of the employee will be increased by the amounts listed below:

  • Certificate – 2%
  • Associate’s Degree – 3%
  • Bachelor’s Degree – 5%
  • Master’s Degree – 10%
  • Doctorate – 10%


This policy is consistent with TAMU Standard Administrative Procedure 31.01.01.M5.03 – Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay