Council of Principal Investigators

School of Education & Human Development

About the Council

Council members represent Principal Investigators and faculty affiliated with Centers and Institutes. The Council commits to advancing SEHD’s goals in teaching and research. The CPI meets at least four times annually with a meeting schedule to be determined by members.


Elected representatives from each department and centers/institutes serve three-year terms.

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Council Members

Name Department Term End Date
Daniel Bowen EAHR 8/31/2024
Luis Ponjuan EAHR 8/31/2025
Sandra Acosta – Chair EPSY 8/31/2023
Zohreh Eslami EPSY 8/31/2024
Hector Rivera EPSY 8/31/2024
David Wright KNSM 8/31/2023
Rick Kreider KNSM 8/31/2025
Marc Goodrich – Vice Chair TLAC 8/31/2024
Benjamin Herman – Immediate Past Chair TLAC 8/31/2023
Karen Rambo-Hernandez TLAC 8/31/2025
Bugrahan Yalvac TLAC 8/31/2024

Our University CPI representatives are Dr. Paul Hernandez and Dr. Rafael Lara Alecio. Visit for meeting schedules and additional information.

Meeting Dates

All SEHD faculty are welcome to attend CPI meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

The meetings for 2023 are scheduled:
10/13/22, 11:00-12:30
12/6/22, 11:30-1:00
2/7/23, 11:30-1:00
4/4/23, 11:30-1:00
For more information, please contact Ann Savell.

Meeting Minutes